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Hi there! You can call me Radish or Rissa if you’re feeling fancy (she/her), though you may also know me as gravitydefyingtears on Tumblr. I have a part-time job and will soon be a part-time Master’s student. The rest of the time, I’m either trapped in fandom or singing on a karaoke app!

I mostly lurk on Twitter, Tumblr and Lofter, admiring the incredible talents of the fandom...but I do occasionally make a few contributions myself.

I’m open to commissions for translations, writing and art!

(chinese to english)

Audio dramas: I’ve contributed to the Mo Dao Zu Shi audio drama project, translating main episodes, extras, and free talksSong lyricsWriting (novel chapters, fanfiction)Interviews
I mostly stick to providing text translations but I’ve tried my hand at subbing videos as well (check out my YouTube channel).

I am open to commissions! You can also make requests but I will only consider them based on my own interest. Please contact me!

Wordpress: my budding, WIP blog on which I’ll compile my completed translations

Tumblr: most of my MDZS audio drama translations are floating around here somewhere...


Archive of Our Own: most of my fanfics are here, along with any that I translate

Writing Tumblr: my side blog where I post drabbles (some of which are not on ao3) and occasional writing thoughts and ramblings


All my doodles can be found on my main Tumblr or Twitter. I do have IG as well...but don’t really use it.

I don’t use Facebook at all so if you see anything on there (that isn’t explicitly credited with my permission), it’s stolen!! Please let me know!

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